A unique and experiential experience is the visit to the floating islands of the Uros (3810 meters / 12500 feet), located on Lake Titicaca considered the highest navigable lake in the world, 10km from the city of Puno, Department of Puno .

Currently you can find 90 islands all artificially created since they are made of Totora (aquatic plant that grows on the surface of the lake), the inhabitants of the area weave their islands, their homes, boats and more with these plants.

Additionally, the inhabitants consume a part of the totora as part of their daily diet.

Professional Guide Tourist transport.
Assistance during the tour. Dinner in Amantani the first night.
Breakfast the second day in Amantani. Lodging in experiential houses in Amantani.
Tickets to the Uros, Taquile , Amantani. Lunches the 2 days in the islands.
Transportation in the boats for the excursions of Lake Titicaca.
drinks. Tips.
Snacks. COVID 19 tests.
Food not mentioned in the program.



Day 1:

PUNO (3,827 METERS / 12,555 FEET) – UROS ISLANDS (3,810 METERS / 12,500 FEET) – AMANTANI (3,950 METERS / 12,959 FEET).

Today we will pass by your hotel in the morning to pick you up and head to the port where we will board the boats that will serve as transportation to the islands for approximately 20 to 30 minutes, to reach the floating islands of the Uros where we can visit and interact with the inhabitants of this place and learn a little more about their way of life.

Continuing with our trip, we will return to our boats to go to the Island of Amantani , where we will have an affectionate welcome from the inhabitants, and we will have a delicious lunch prepared by them, then we will be appointed families with whom we will have the great opportunity to share their experiences, sleep in their homes and in the afternoon we will take a short walk to the top of the island where we can see the Inca ceremonial temples of Pachamama and Pachatata , appreciate the beautiful landscape that surrounds it along with a spectacular view of Lake Titicaca and the magnificent sunset.


Day 2

AMANTANI (3,950 METERS / 12,959 FEET) – TAQUILE (3,950 METERS / 12,959 FEET) – PUNO (3,827 METERS / 12,555 FEET).

In order to continue our adventure, this day we will start with a delicious typical breakfast, and then board the boats to the island of Taquile where we will begin our walk to go to the main square of the town.

During our journey we will learn and know more about the history, its customs and its great landscape that surrounds the island of Taquile , later we will taste a delicious traditional lunch.

After a pleasant experience, we will go down to the port to board the boats, which will take us back to the city of Puno and back to your hotels.

A coat. Sunscreen.
Hat. Sunglasses.
Hiking shoes. Water bottle.
Personal medications suggested by your doctor. Photographic camera.
Rain jacket or poncho. (Mainly between the months of December to March).

Important documents to bring with you:

Original passports. Your student ID.
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